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#14 He forgets your birthday

  • Tom: "I can't believe he forgot," you mutter to yourself quietly. It was already almost midnight and he still wasn't home. You sigh and go to your bedroom, not even bothering changing your clothes. The next morning you wake up and see him sleeping peacefully next to you. He looks cute, as always, but you just huff and get out of the bed. Just as you're about to leave the room, you hear his husky voice. "Morning, babe," you turn around frowing and his smile drops. "Look, I'm sorry I came home so late yesterday, but me and the boys went out for a drink," he says and sits up. You just roll your eyes and go downstairs to make breakfast. "Baby, are you mad at me?" he asks and follows you. "No, of course not. Why would I be mad at you?" you ask sarcastically and give him a fake smile. "Please, (y/n), why are you mad at me? I've been working so hard these past weeks and I didn't think you'd be mad if I stay out for a bit longer," he says and tries to hug you. "It was my birthday yesterday," you say quietly and look down. You hear him gasp and his arms are around you almost immediately. "I am so sorry, (y/n)," he whispers, "can I make it up to you? I'll do anything." You shake your head and he sighs. "I feel like the worst boyfriend," he says quietly, "is it too late for a birthday sex?" he asks and winks. You just laugh and go to the bedroom with him. Let's just say everything was forgiven...
  • Nathan: "Can you make me a cuppa, love?" he asks, never taking his eyes off the TV. "Of course, dear," you roll your eyes and go to the kitchen. You're pissed off with him, because he forgot your birthday. At first you thought he was just pretending, but it wasn't like this. He's been playing video games all day and the only time he talked to you, was when he wanted something. You quickly finish making his tea and walk back to living room. You put the tea on the table and he mutters a quick 'thank you.' You huff and start walking to your bedroom. "Someone's moody," you hear him say quietly, but loud enough for you to hear. "Fuck off, asshole," you spat at him. You feel your eyes fill with tears and soon you're laying on your bed crying. After about 15 minutes you hear him open the door quietly. You quickly hide your face and try to be quiet. "(Y/N), are you okay?" he asks and quickly sits on the bed, rubbing your back gently. "No," you say and wipe your tears, "I can't believe you forgot." He looks confused and you roll your eyes. "It's my birthday, Nathan," you say quietly. "Oh my...I'm so sorry, hun," he says and hugs you tightly. You sit there in his arms for a while when he starts speaking again. "It's only 10, so it's still your birthday. Do you wanna go out for dinner?" he asks and you nod your head. You both get quickly ready and leave the house. You have an amazing dinner and later have some fun at home.
  • Siva: You were still in a shitty mood, because it was your birthday yesterday, and your boyfriend completely forgot about it. "You okay, love? You haven't been talking with me since yesterday," he asks and looks sad. "I'm fine," you say, not making any eye contact with him. "Did I do something wrong?" he tries again. "Yes, Seev, but you're gonna have to figure it out yourself," you snap and make your way to your bedroom. He just sits there with a confused face, trying to figure out what he did. You've been sitting in your room for 20 minutes now, still waiting for him to realise why you're mad at him. You wait for another 10 minutes when he finally opens the door, looking guilty. "(Y/N)," he says quietly, "I am so sorry. I didn't even know what date it was...but can I make it up to you? Do you want something? Or do you wanna go somewhere? Maybe we can go to Paris or New York? Do you wanna go to New York?" he quickly blabbers and you can't help but let out a laugh. "It's okay, I just wanted you to figure out why I was mad at you," you say. "But can we still go have dinner tonight? And I promise I'll buy you something," he smiles and hugs you. "If that makes you feel better, then yes," you say and start getting ready for an amazing night.
  • Jay: "I can't believe you went out with him," he spats at you, "I mean you could go on a dinner with anyone, anyone at all, and you choose to go with him?" You let out a quiet laugh and he seems even more angry than before. "How is that funny? You know that I hate this guy. He's always trying to make a move on you." You roll your eyes and start walking out of the room. "Don't fucking walk away from me. This conversation isn't over," he shouts after you. "Did you cheat on me with him? That's why you went out with him, right," he shouts again and now it's your turn to be angry. You go back to your room and glare at him. "Do you wanna know why I went out with him?" you almost yell at Jay, "Because he remembered it was my birthday yesterday. He was the first one to wish me happy birthday, he comforted me when I told him that my own boyfriend forgot my birthday, he was there for me and I refuse to stand here and listen you accuse me of cheating," you yell the last part. He looks taken back and ashamed. "I'm so sorry, (y/n)," he says and tried to hug you. "Don't touch me. You're an ass, Jay," you say and wipe away the angry tears, "I need to get some fresh air." You go outside and walk around the town for at least an hour. You decided to head back to yours and Jay's flat. All the lights are out, so you thought he was either sleeping or went out. You start making your way to bedroom, but stop when you see candles everywhere and a dinner on the livingroom's table. "I'm so sorry," you hear a voice behind you and turn around. The look on his face is so guilty and you just can't stay mad at him for any longer. You hug him tightly and he seems surprised. "Thank you, Jay, it looks amazing." You guys spend the rest of the night eating and watching movies.
  • Max: "I know he's busy, but how could he just forget?" you ask yourself. It was already midnight, so technically it wasn't even your birthday anymore. You check your phone for the last time and sigh; nothing. Everyone, even the rest of the boys have sent you a happy birthday message, but not Max. You switch all the lights off and go to bed. The next morning you feel someone shaking you gently. You slowly open your eyes and see Max laying beside you. "I know that you're mad at me, but I really am sorry. I was so busy all the time and I just forgot," he quickly says when he sees that you're awake. You don't say anything, because you're still a little mad at him. "I got you something," he says and gives you a little box and envelope. You open the box slowly and find a beautiful ring from there. "It's beautiful," you say and smile a little. "Open the envelope," he says. You open it slowly and find two plane tickets. "W-What? We're going to Hawaii?" you gasp. "Yup, I just feel so bad for forgetting and I wanna make it up to you," he says and plants a soft kiss on your lips. "You shouldn't have, Max. The ring already looks expensive and I don't want you to spend any money on me," you say. He just rolls his eyes; "Just start packing, we're leaving tomrrow morning."
  • A/N: I know Max's one sucks, but I was running out of ideas :/ Hopw you like it anyway :) x
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